Extrusion Tools

Extrusion tools and calibration sleeves

The Tools are subdivided into two construction-systems: Tools with spider-type mandrel holder for PVC-pipes and tools with spiral divider for polyolefine-pipes. Our extrusion tools fulfill all criteria for a standarized, flexible and economic pipe production.

Extrusion tools with spider-type mandrel holder for PVC-pipes

  • PVC-pipe heads must be designed to archieve the right pipe size as well as the output to give the melt enough minimum residence time
  • favourable flow moulded mandrel holders grant constant melt-flow
  • optimum set of dies guarantees an observance of the necessary compression.
    Tool for
   Spider-type mandrel

Extrusion tools with spiral-divider for polyolefine-pipes

  • excellent homogenising effect by spiraled channels in the divider - therefore the pipe´s inside is substantially improved
  • radial and axial melt-flows overflow several times, i.e. there are no less quality failures flow-seams
  • low-pressure build-up
  • low melt temperature
    Tool for
   Spiral divider

Calibration sleeves for pipes

Knorr Extrusionsmaschinen delivers suitable calibration sleeves for the pipe extrusion wich are adapted to different materials and to the extrusion capacity regarding their quality. Our calibration sleeves are guarantor for optimal sizes.

  • excellent quality
  • flexible delivery times
  • convinced price- / service proportion
  • special models
Calibration sleeves

Calibration sleeve
for rigid-PVC
   Calibration sleeves
for PE