One complete PVC-Extrusion Line (Weber and Greiner),
used and in working condition,
still in production until beginning of July 2019

Total price: on request

Complete extrusion line for production of Rigid-PVC-Profiles, consisting of:

Twin screw extruder, parallel
Manufacturer: Weber
Type: DS-10P
Year of construction: 1994
Serial number: DS105346
Screw diameter: 2 x 105 mm (parallel)
Screw length: 17 x D
Torque: 17.000 Nm
Screw speed: max. ap. 20 1/min.
Drive power: 55 kW, DC-motor (year 2003)
Control system: computer control system
Equipment: hopper
Output capacity: max. ap. 250 kg/h for Rigid-PVC, depending on material

Calibration table
Manfacturer: Uniplast / Greiner
Type: CAL VAK 4P
Year of construction: 1992
Serial number: K9209590
Total length: 6500 mm
Vacuum pumpes: 6 pieces Speck T-vacuum pumps

Haul-off and saw combination
Manufacturer: Uniplast / Greiner
Type: CAT PUL 2D
Year of construction: 1992
Serial number: R9204546
Gripping length, effective: 2000 mm
Segments with: 250 mm
Haul-off force, max.: ap. 25000 N
Haul-off speed: ap. max. 10 m/min.
Profile saw:
Circular saw blade: Ø 450 mm
Profile cross section, max.: 300 x 100 mm

Tilting table
Manufacturer: Uniplast / Greiner
Type: UKR 600
Year of construction: 1992
Serial number: A9204550
Table length: 6000 mm
Table width: 300 mm

Here you will find our offer for the extrusion line (Weber and Greiner), incl. some photos:
Extrusion line Weber DS-10P

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