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Single Screw Extruder

Art.-No.: 1-0054
Manufacturer: WEBER
Typ: ES-45
Year of construction: 1984/2019
Serial No.: ES45-488
Screw diameter: 45 mm
Effective screw length: 25 x D
Screw design: for PVC
Screw speed: max. 120 1/min.
Drive motor: AC-motor, frequency controlled, new installed in 2019
Motor power: 11,0 kW
Barrel heating-/cooling zones: 4/2 (air cooling with ventilator), new installed in 2015
Tooling heating zones: 3
Temperature controllers: 7 x Eurotherm 3208, new installed in 2015
Output capacity: ap. 30 – 45 kg/h for PVC-granulate
Connected load: ap. 22 kW (without tooling)
Equipment: material hopper
Dimension: 1600 x 900 x 2000 mm (incl. material hopper)
Weight: ap. 1000 kg
Condition: reconditioned